Almiranta Capital: Company Overview and Vision

Almiranta Capital is a boutique Private Equity Advisory Firm founded in 2008 with world-class experience in premium Real Estate, Hospitality & Resort, Bio-Energy, Infrastructure, Industrial sectors and lately also into Leisure and Sports.

  1. -Real Estate: Almiranta Capital leads and manages premium real estate projects around the world. Projects are searched and selected based on the potential and values that they can create to the investors, their communities and also on the capability to set new standards in the real estate industry. These selected projects are guided from conception to delivery and exit stages. Value of projects managed on Real Estate are over US$ 1.5 billion. Almiranta Capital is currently active in various markets as US, Mexico, Spain, Dominican Republic and Peru, and has also been active in the past in India, Brazil, France, Portugal and UK.

  2. -Hospitality & Resort: Mr. Mario San Jacinto, Owner / Founder of Almiranta Capital is a world-class collaborator on a number of high-end destinations, resorts and hotels collaborating internationally from the Americas to Southern Europe.

  3. -Bio-Energy, Industrial & Infrastructure: we also provide Project Finance services to a number of international banking institutions into bio-energy, industrial and infrastructure investments above US$ 1. billion.

  4. -Leisure and Sports: Lately Almiranta Capital is entering into Leisure and Sports investments as a way to replacing retail market compression with wider-return sectors.

Almiranta Capital has a special approach to Partners and Investors. We truly believe that: “Only leading Projects, Partners and Investors who trust each other and work together with courage and temperance are able to have the vision to produce new standards in each market and outperform the returns”

Almiranta Capital has an international exposure from day one and therefore is supported by an international panel of collaborators and advisors who are based on various continents and countries.

Almiranta Capital has been created by Arch. MBA. Mario San Jacinto for aiming to apply his wide track-record as builder, architect, project manager, developer, banker and visionary thinker into providing an unique approach to distressed-value asset and repositioning/re-launching investment opportunities.


“Almiranta Capital envisions to be a boutique private equity firm providing unique-vision-at-work answers and implementation for premium projects under current global challenges”

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Almiranta Capital: Mission Statement

Almiranta Capital Mission Statement: “To envision, identify, originate, conceptualize, negotiate, structure, source, acquire, create, transform, reposition, relaunch, deliver, manage and dispose world-class investment opportunities through the combination of best-of-bread boutique investment banking with visionary, polymathy and down-to-earth let’s-do analytical approach“.

In other words, “If you really value unique vision at work, then you should contact us”.

Long-term: Almiranta Capital has a successful track record with corporate clients and particularly with family offices, as we are not shy on our analysis or on the implementation of strategies. Our retention client ratio is “1 out of 1” because we add value from day one through sincere and professional commitment with you and your projects.

“… your Global Partner for delivering unique Projects... ”